Why? 02/07/2011
  The first thing people will ask me is "why do hate religious people?" First off I don't hate anyone, unless you are one of the priests who take joy in the raping and torture of the young, than yes I do hate you. But other than that I don't 'hate' anyone, I may dislike people for different reasons, but certainly not hate them.

  I hate religion. I hate the idea of 'god'. It saddens me that we still live in a society that is controlled in a major way by religious leaders. I mean right down to selling beer on Sundays. They tell people when & how to pray, how to eat, what to eat & when, how to dress, why their beliefs are right & the others are wrong, why 'you're' stained with sin and were born dirty, that we aren't worthy of this world and that god is coming back to destroy it. This is the messages people buy into, and subject their
children to. This is a couple reasons for my hate. Most of the time the adults are indoctrinated when they're children, and never really have a chance to question or branch out for a different position, because by the time their old enough to learn and comprehend they are taught most of what I typed above. Besides those, the big reason is the fear of hell. Now what child is going to deny their 'creator' once they learn of this? Do they teach them about heaven first or of Jesus' love first? No, of course not because then they might not buy into religion so willingly. So first you have to teach them the fear part first. It always starts off subtle, and then progresses the older they get. Now let me ask this, if there was any other organization besides religion trying to endorse the ideas that religion spouts off such as hatred, bigotry, indifference, homophobia, fear, jealousy, vanity, etc how fast do you think people would renounce that organization? So why not do the same with religion?

After all the fear,  than they will learn about the postmortem rewards of ever lasting life, and golden paved streets. They will say things like "This life don't matter, it's the afterlife that is important". Okay, so why be good at all? Why listen & pay attention in school, why go to college, why meet & talk to different people, why even be good to other people, why not kill myself right now? But see religion has
answers to these rebuttals. "Well, if you don't do those things you will go to a place of everlasting torment." Wow, what choices does a child have then? None. Either be good, and listen just for the sake of your afterlife reward, or get punished for eternity. Now if they would actually take the time and pay attention to what they were saying, this is not really a good message to be sending to impressionable children, it's not a good message for anyone. And if you ask some religious people they will say "I'm good because I want to go to Heaven, and be with my God". Okay, fair enough, but is this the only reason you're good? Is it just because of some reward you may or may not get? It's not because humans have evolved a very sophisticated set of "rules" for life, and that being good to each other, respecting each other, sharing, and getting along, working together are what we have found out makes life easier and more productive, just like our primate cousins. "NO!" they will say. "We aren't monkeys!" Okay, enough said.

The real question here is, what good does religion do in the world that people who claim no religion or Atheists cannot do? Religion donates money, volunteers to help in crisis, build hospitals, etc. But so do unbelievers. Now what wickedness has religion done in the name of a god that no Atheist or unbeliever has ever done? I rest my case.



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